Scottyvich Baloneykov & the War of Galactic Earth

Created by:

Benjamin Tuckett

Release Date:

Possibly 2018

Allied Commanders:

S.L.B = Scottyvich Baloneykov

S.V-L.B = Ho Chi-LULZ & Mikhail LULZ

U.S.S.E.A = Directive Colonel-Commadant Sark & his Brothers

C.L.P.A = Supreme A.I

S.A-L.B = Joseph Dravacularianis the 3rd

Production Studios:

Conway Street Productions

Ben Tuckett Pictures

Tornado Entertainment

Distributed by:

Psygnosis Entertainment Group Holdings Ltd.


Soviet LULZ Brigade

Soviet Viet-LULZ Brigade

Communist Linux Penguin Army

United Socialist Soviet Emirate of America

Soviet Air-LULZ Bigade

Enemies & Their Commanders:

Papua-LOL Guinea & Fiji-LOl = To be Determined

Tonga-LOL = To be Determined


Welcome to the The War Of Galactic Earth WikiEdit

The War Of Galactic Earth Is A Television Episode Created By Benjamin Tuckett In The Future! There Will be a Possible 6-8 Episodes To The Series, Expected to Come to YouTube in 2018, After a July 2014-January 2015 Cancellation Haitus

The PlotEdit

A Plot Was in Development Hell Since August, Which Led to the Haitus, But Now a Plot is in Development. But the Speakonia Voices Will Have Their Roles Soon Enough.

(Write A Comment, Question First Before I Can Approve The Expansion)!


Poster For The T.V Series!